Monday, 5 May 2014

Sean-steno 2014

Aaaand Sean Wrona arrived! He is a star, as also Celal or others, and many people wait his (theim) results.

Mother tongue (english): 808 cpm with only 2 errors = 7980 point. :) Great!

Second place is of Celal, then Gerbers Wim (Nederland) by 775 cpm, 15 (au) errors = 7005 point, and Hakan Kurt and Jelani Nelson (see them in the earlier posts).

Success: 790, Unsuccess: 127 competitors.

In the multilanguage list the frist 5 name is the same still. :)

The 6th place is now for Carlo Parisi, who wrote in this year very small mistakes: 5 langs without error, in 4 langs have only 1-1 error, and the max. wrong is only 5. Hm! He wrote 14 langs, but poland was "only" 235 cpm...

Success: 178, Unsuccess: 800 competitors.

(check: in all ages chategory)

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